1970 Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi R/T convertible Mark Garlow's 426 Hemi “tribute” project was started in 2004. Mark gathered parts and made plans for many years but sadly passed away before completing his dream car. Munk Race Fab was approached about taking on the project in April of 2017. The car was a true basket case at this point. It was completely disassembled and missing a third of it's parts. The current owner Ronnie Joe Franklin (a child hood friend of Marks) was hopeful we would take on the project. Munk Race Fab committed to the job and began the task of sourcing missing parts. Shawn and Angelo began the restoration process in April 2018. The car was completed 1 year later and made its first appearance at the Good Guys summer show in Pleasanton, CA June 1st 2019


1966 Chevelle

We picked up this Chevelle project awhile back. A restoration had been started on a solid body and a lot of new parts purchased but the owner was uninterested in completing the project and wanted out. Jed and Angelo scattered the car, made a plan and 5 months later finished this sharp looking A-body!


Jason's 66 K30 pick up

Munk Race Fab is hard at work on a custom 4X4 project. Body is a 1966 Chevy short/wide. Frame, suspension & steering are all one off. Engine is a GM 6.0 built to LS3 specs with a Magnuson super charger on top. Trans is a NV4500 manual with dual disc clutch and GM NP 205 transfer case. Tom Woods drive shafts connect power to a GM D60 in front and corporate 14 bolt in rear with 4:88 gears and a Detroit locker. 42 inch Pitbull rocker tires on 20X10 Sota wheels, finish the job.

Pasta and Wine

1967 Chevelle

Munk Race Fab recently finished this 1967 Chevelle for a local business owner and friend Michael Bates. The car came to us in rough condition having been disassembled for “restoration” more than 7 years ago. After evaluation of the project a plan was made. We began gathering parts. This was an 18 month build for MRF from start to finish. Fit and finish is evident but make no mistake this is not just another “show car”. It will be driven and enjoyed on our scenic Northern California roads.


1966 Chevelle

1966 Chevelle Seth Lane's 1966 Chevelle has began its transformation from stout big block muscle car to world class super car status! Project began with custom spec. Art Morrison super car chassis. We are working with Jason Rushforth putting concept to paper before cutting. Jason also designed and supplied the one off wheels. Power will be a 7.1 L Duramax diesel being built at So Cal Diesel. Power is estimated to be 1400 horsepower and 2800 ft lbs torque! This thing will turn 6000 RPM! Transmission is a Rossler pro-mod TH400 and a pro-mod Gear Vendors unit. Lots of body mods are planned, big audio and more. Please check back as this project is going to be wild!


1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL

Restomod The transformation begins on Mike Mayberry's 1964 Galaxie Fastback. Inspired by a trip to the 2015 SEMA show, Mike wanted to build a big Ford that can handle and perform at the highest level of today's modern vehicles, while still maintaining all of the classic styling of the early sixties. The foundation for this build begins with a custom spec chassis from Art Morrison Enterprises that includes their Multilink IRS pachage.



Just out of the shop is this one of a kind 1969 Dodge Charger R/T.The work included a 517 John Arruzza Hemi conversion with custom exhaust and QTP electric cutouts. This 1969 Dodge Charger R/T also got a new brake system, suspension work and major interior work done. We can’t forget the sweet blue paint job that makes this custom Charger stand out. Holly Graves is extremely pleased with the end results and who wouldn’t be with this car.


1966 GTO

Seth Lane's 1966 GTO was recently completed after a year long restoration. This car was another basket case car. We found it in the high desert town of Yerington NV. The car had been disassembled 25 years prior, with many parts missing. The rest were sun baked. The body was virtually rust free. So we hauled it back to the shop. Hung the body on the rotisserie & got to work. The end result is one of the nicest cars Munk Race Fab has produced to date!


A cat